EndPoint Security Access & Control

EndPoint & Synchronized Security

eDrivium works with best-of breed technologies to offer you strong endpoint security with the highest capture rates and lowest false positives.  We implement endpoint security tools which can grow with you to incorporate intelligent endpoint detection and response systems enabling your team to ask any question about what has happened in in the past and what is happening now on your endpoints.   

Setting you up with EDR, eDrivium will ensure your network is a threat hunting ecosystem allowing you to respond with precision.  We will help you stop breaches before they even start and cut down on the number of items to investigate saving you time.  With our solutions, we will add expertise, and visibility, not headcount.

We can extend this solution even further to synchronize native endpoint, server, firewall, email, cloud and 0365 security giving you a holistic view of your organization’s environment with rich data and deep analysis for greater threat detection, investigation and response.

Work with us today to enable:

  • Cloud native security
  • Extended detection & response
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Deep-learning technology
  • Exploit Prevention
  • Managed threat response
  • Cloud security posture management
  • Server lockdown
  • Linux detection

Minimize time to detect and respond:

  • Extended detection and response (XDR) provides complete visibility of hosts, containers, endpoints, the network, and even cloud provider native services
  • Cloud-native behavioral and exploit runtime detections identify threats including container escapes, kernel exploits, and privilege escalation attempts
  • Streamlined threat investigation workflows prioritize high-risk incident detections and consolidate connected events to increase efficiency
  • Integrated Live Response establishes a secure command line terminal to hosts for remediation

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Access Management & Control with Multi-factor Authentication

Access management protects applications and the data behind them by ensuring the right user has access to the right resource at the right level of trust. You can control access by setting granular policies so authorized individuals can do their jobs efficiently and effectively. You can monitor user access permissions and the risks associated with each login, applying step-up authentication only when the user’s context changes and the level of risk is concerning. Access management can make life easier for workers, hiring managers, IT teams, and CISOs.

Why use access management?

Do you know who accessed what and when? Or how their identity was verified? By default, user identities are distributed among cloud applications, virtual environments, networks and web portals. With no central Identity Access Management (IAM) strategy, businesses of all sizes lose precious security and productivity.

Why do we need access management?

  • Without access management, organizations become increasingly vulnerable to data breaches arising from compromised identities.
  • IT administration overheads rise due to inefficient identity management procedures
  • User productivity drops due to password fatigue and password resets
  • Lack of visibility into cloud access events impedes regulatory compliance

How do Cloud access management solutions address these challenges?

Enable secure cloud adoption in the enterprise through:

  • Simplified cloud access with cloud single sign on (cloud SSO)
  • Optimized security with granular access policies
  • Scalability enabled by centralized management
  • Improved compliance through visibility into cloud access events

Do you have secure access to all your cloud services?

With no central access management strategy, organizations face increasing management, productivity, and security complexities.

You can scale in the cloud easily and securely with access management – call eDrivium today for more information!