Management Team

T­om Gregorski

Technical Manager, eDrivium Corporation

Tom Gregorski brings experience, intelligence, problem-solving and skill to eDrivium. Building on a solid foundation of education with a degree in engineering, Tom has spent the last 20 years in IT cultivating a breadth of knowledge and honing his vast skill set. Tom is a dedicated lifetime learner with a strong ability to analyze problems and implement creative solutions in complex environments.

Having designed, implemented and managed a wide range of management systems, security plans, network­ installations and new business lines, Tom is uniquely qualified to speak to almost any IT concern. Widely acknowledged as a security expert, Tom is still well-versed in all areas of IT and has a keen ability to identify new and successful technologies.

In addition, Tom is a skilled trainer and writer. He has developed course material for countless technologies that eDrivium offers and authored an array of articles on a variety of subject matters.

But it is Tom’s constant emphasis on client needs and strong customer focus that has set eDrivium apart from the competition and has secured the trust of client after client.

Tara Shaw

Business Manager, eDrivium Corporation

With 10 years of experience in consultative IT sales, Tara Shaw offers unparalleled attention to customer needs in aligning business lines to technology solutions.

Tara’s thorough and thoughtful investigation of each customers` needs allows her to present meaningful and responsive solutions for every client. She possesses great insight to the needs and issues facing businesses today and uses this to benefit each and every eDrivium customer.

With a Bachelors degree from York University, and an array of business oriented courses and certificates; Tara is well-positioned to help you meet your critical business and technology challenges. Her keen ability toward ‘big picture’ thinking and critical analysis, coupled with her exceptional writing talents, ensure a very high quality of end result documents for clients.

Again it is the strong customer-centric attitude that eDrivium embraces, which keeps our customers coming back.