Cyber Security & Network Consulting

eDrivium’s team of seasoned industry experts provide effective and reliable IT solutions to meet the unique challenges of today’s businesses. 

Our Mission

  • Protect and enhance the value of your business
  • Ensure security, risk management and compliance are integrated into every solution
  • Provide best-in-class, enterprise-grade products & services
  • Offer flexible, customized financing options

Specializing in networking and security, eDrivium is unlike other IT consulting firms.  Our work ethic and strategy-oriented culture demands that we see the entire business picture.  We aim for long-term impact rather than short term fixes and work towards building long-lasting partnerships.

With in-depth expertise and hands-on experience managing complex projects for companies around the globe, eDrivium provides a commitment to excellence in handling a wide range of critical network challenges.

Security Assessments

We also offer Security Assessments & Testing.  This enables you to understand and benchmark your current security posture and assess your vulnerability.

  • Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Assess your current security posture or security provider
  • Prepare for a real cybersecurity incident, without disrupting your business operations
  • Document existing security controls
  • Identify vulnerabilities in your security architecture
  • Align IT risk management with business goals

While security assessments can be full-scale there are also some quick services we can provide to get you started including a firewall Check-IT review or an internal or external vulnerability scan, please fill out this form to get started.