Network Security & Availability

Network Analysis:
eDrivium offers a full scale analysis of your network in order to asses your current IT situation and provide solutions that will allow your business to successfully move forward and grow. We will review your documentation, trouble tickets, and security architecture and make recommendations based on your company`s specific needs. Therefore, regardless of the technology, what we want is to understand your environment and all its complexities. We want to help optimize your network, not replace it.

Compliance and Risk Assessments:
The cornerstone of any Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is compliance and risk assessment. eDrivium will conduct a thorough assessment of any possible threats to your IT infrastructure and will determine your current level of threat. ­ Following the assessment, we will provide your business with a full report of our findings and offer resolution options through a DRP. We will ensure that the strategies offered will provide you with the ability to continue with the mission critical aspects of your business throughout any situation.
IT Road Maps and IT Budgeting:
With the abundance of technology options and products available today, having a proactive plan in place will help your business in the direction in needs to go in and save company money. When IT plans are not aligned with operational strategies and priorities, IT operations cannot be streamlined or standardized to reduce cost. The solution required is a simple, manageable IT planning system that allows executives to visualize IT plans, and gain insight into whether components are necessary, supported, compliant and state-of-the-art.To accomplish that, many leading companies are implementing an IT road-mapping practice: an effective, easy-to-maintain planning practice that allows IT professionals to map key planning information – such as technology paths, strategic imperatives, customer needs, supplier capabilities, and project ownership – over time.

IT Business Synergy/Business Communications:
Business Synergy =”the working together of two or more things, people, or organizations, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities”.
At eDrivium, we take the time to understand your business in order to design, create and implement systems to improve business performance on an appropriate budget. We work as a strategic partner, looking holistically at business needs and implementing a scaleable, managed IT solution that offers a level of flexibility most IT providers find difficult to achieve.

Cost Analysis and IT Processes Optimization:
We are in the business of optimizing your infrastructure not replacing it and we are committed to earning your trust. By gathering the necessary information to assess your currently infrastructure we can determine how to best optimize your situation through explore existing licensing and more. We will provide you with a full cost analysis to help you make the best decision.

Product/Technology Specific Consulting:
eDrivium aims to meet your budget and objectives by review your current IT infrastructure and making recommendations that will optimize your existing equipment.

Policy Development and Enforcement Technologies:
Creating policies is one things but enforcing them is another. We can look and your current policies and help with policy development based on business objectives. eDrivium can develop systems using the latest technologies to enforce them.

Industry Best Practices:
It can be quite a challenge for any company to monitor and establish protocols that keep up with industry best practices. At eDrivium we strive to uphold the highest level of best practices within our industry. We can work with you to develop systems that comply with the appropriate best practice standards.

Security Strategies:
Our Managed Security Strategies offers a cost effective and comprehensive range of system security testing, management, monitoring and response service that resolves security problems. Network security is simply a risk-management game. Our goal is to equip you with the best tools to play that game and win with the least cost to you.

There is an increasing move towards virtualization and eDrivium is responding to this shift. Virtualization is a technique for hiding the physical characteristics of computing resources from the way in which other systems, applications, or end users interact with those resources. This includes making a single physical resource (such as a server, an operating system, an application, or storage device) appear to function as multiple logical resources; or it can include making multiple physical resources (such as storage devices or servers) appear as a single logical resource. Virtualization can also include making one physical resource to appear, with somewhat different characteristics, as one logical resource.